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U-Earth Official Clean Air Partner

U-Earth is a biotech company providing cutting edge and nature-based solutions – air purification services and hyper health products – that aim to enable prosperity for everyone, while contributing to the ultimate goal: making clean air a human right, for the good of the Earth.

With 12 years of field testing, U-Earth enables B2B organisations across all industries that wish to provide pure air for their staff, customers and visitors through Pure Air Zone, a new air quality standard. This initiative gives them a source of competitive advantage and allows them to drive sustainable change, quickly and effectively.

With 12 years of field testing, U-Earth provides organisations across all industries, including Lusail Winter Wonderland, a bespoke service, Pure Air Zone, an integrated suite of products, protocols and technologies, designed to purify the air from pollutants (including viruses and bacteria) through bio-oxidation, simply track the air quality in real-time through IoT and claim this effort as a strategic purpose marketing tool.

Every Pure Air Zone contributes, in a measurable way, to the decontamination of the planet. Pure Air Zones can showcase their de-pollution credentials to the public via the Pure Air ZoneApp. They can improve their ESG, CSR and SDG achievements and position themselves as a sustainable brand and gain worldwide recognition for their efforts.

U-Earth stretched its R&D knowledge into the U-Earth Store: a hyper health store designed to help people unlock their full mental and physical potential using a suite of biotech products that are powered by nature. These include U-Mask: the first biotech, reusable face mask, distributed across 129 countries and used by more than 1 million people, including celebrities and sports stars, from basketball to Formula 1. A special Lusail Winter Wonderland edition is available in the park merchandising points.